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Get to know the Toronto based vocalist, Vika, with an exclusive interview that can only be found here on

Q: When did you start pursuing music?


A: "I've always known I wanted to be a singer and songwriter. As far back as I can remember I've been singing and I started writing when I was 11 what I called lyrics back then, with absolutely no melody. I suppose in my heart, I always knew melodies would come to me. Then in my teens my dreams were dashed by the world's consistent need to tell teens their dreams are too big. I was told countless times that it was unrealistic. I was told by a terrible music teacher that I had absolutely no vocal talent. I hung up my dreams of singing for a long time. Back in 2013 a friend and I met Alex M.O.R.P.H. And I sang my all time favorite song, Man on the run, for him. He told me to go for it, and even ended his set that night with the track. So with absolutely no training, I dove right into learning to write and record vocals. I had no idea what I was doing, and I'm still learning (I'm a forever learner) but I had/have some great people behind me. Audrey Gallagher was actually the person who told me which mic to buy, and supported my first track ever. Denis Kenzo supported me through figuring out my voice and sound. "


Q: What introduced you to electronic/trance music?  


A: "I had always loved dance music. Years ago Basshunter was a weakness of mine. Then a friend sent me the song Man on the Run, it was brand new on A State of Trance in 2008 I believe. He said I had to hear this song. I had never really heard of trance. I remember where I was sitting and every little detail of that moment. I remember listening and being completely dumbfounded. I know all trance lovers know the feeling when it completely takes you over. The tears started to pour down my face. I couldn't even believe that music like this existed. "


Q: How is the Trance Scene where you are from? 


A: "The trance scene in Toronto is pretty big! I find it tends to fluctuate. One year the shows are lined up weekend to weekend. The next there a little more sparse. Years ago, when I first fell in love with trance, it was amazing. We had a club called the Guvernment and all the greats came through there. It's starting to pick up here again as a new club, Rebel, tries to take Guv's place. They're bringing in big guys like Armin, Above & Beyond and Markus Schulz. I just saw Above & Beyond there and it was great. We also get some pretty amazing shows in the smaller venues and amazing trance boat cruises in the summer. The intimate sets are more my style. "


Q: What are your musical inspirations?


A: "My biggest inspiration has always been Jaren. Her writing always spoke to me and I couldn't imagine a more perfect voice. I met her a year or so ago and she was the most humble and wonderful person. Emma Hewitt, Audrey Gallagher and Christina Novelli are also massive inspirations for me as well as Above and Beyond. I actually have two Richard Bedford tracks tattooed on me, as well as Big Sky from Audrey Gallagher. Oh and old school Dash Berlin, too. As for writing my biggest inspirations are generally focused around finding one's self, uplifting messages, and healing my heart. I would say my mission on this earth is to heal and help others heal, so that's definitely one of my biggest inspirations. Helping inspiring people to move toward true happiness is my greatest message. "


Q: Which DJ’s/producers have you collaborated with?


A: "Denis Kenzo was my first producer I collaborated with, and bless his soul he was so patient with me. When I first messaged him I had no idea what I was doing, honestly I couldn't even sing on key. But he worked with me and we finally created What I See and soon after Reasons Why. I've also worked with Frainbreeze, Formal One, Adip Kiyoi, White Out, Emanuele Braveri and many more producers with tracks that haven't been released yet. I've also teamed up with half of Lucid Blue to work on a new project, stay tuned for that!"


Q: Do you have a favorite of your releases that you have worked on?


A: "What I See will always hold such a special place in my heart. It's my first track, my first ASOT play, and the message is so powerful for me. And of course Reasons Why as it was received so well. Also Edge of Time with Formal One. I love working with Formal One so much, he's so talented. When he sent me back the completed version I was absolutely floored by what he had done with the vocal. We will be doing another track together this year. We collaborate really well and he respects my input on tracks. I love that. " 


Q: Are there any DJ’s/producers/labels that you would like to collaborate with in the future? 


A: "My biggest goal is to work with Gareth Emery. I also would love to collaborate with Marlo and Cosmic Gate. Of course I would love if all my tracks got signed to Armada but there's a big part of me that would love to go into the Anjunadeep world too. Also I would love to find a time machine and work with old school Armin. "


Q: Where do you usually record your vocals?


A: "I have a studio in my home that I record from. "


Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring vocalists?


A: "Keep learning, make friends with other vocalists, ask questions and drop the ego. I made friends with Amy Kirkpatrick when I first started and honestly she pulled me back from quitting probably 100 times. She was so helpful in guiding me and keeping me level headed. Everyone needs a friend like that. Also, stay true to yourself. Not everyone is going to like you. Some producers are going to turn you down 100 times. Some are going to ghost you. Be patient, be yourself and keep learning every day. There are so many helpful and generous people in the trance world, find them. Somna was was of the most helpful people for me. We've never done a track, but he gave me some great advice which led me to find my formula for writing. Find yours, find what works for you. Lastly, be bold. Amy Kirkpatrick told me to message 5 producers a day, no matter how big. What was the worst that could happen? If they say no, move on but never give up. "


Q: Is music your full-time gig?  What else do you enjoy in your spare time?


A: "I'm also a yoga teacher. My passion of yoga and having the best job come together there. My spare time is filled with spending time with my amazing partner, my two fur babies Henry and Theodore, hiking and doing yoga. I'm also extremely passionate about health and wellness. You will find me eating super health conscious foods, or discovering new ones and discovering new ways to nourish my body. "

A special to thanks to VIKA for taking time to chat!

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